Skin Reborn Techniques That Work

How do you stay looking young forever, what skin reborn techniques actually work? That is the question. We have some of the answers.

No one stays young forever, but some people most certainly look a lot younger than the rest. How do they do it? What are skin reborn techniques that work?

The body is a holistic being. To stay looking young, you have to look after all of you, not just one part of you. Below you will find some holistic skin reborn techniques.

A Healthy Diet

The first skin reborn technique is a healthy diet, as you need nutrients to remain happy and healthy. Healthy hair, skin, muscles, etc. all begin with a healthy diet. Without the nutrients your body needs, it can’t function at its best.

There are a lot of fad diets going round, so what diet is the best? No one knows, but the longest living people live in so-called “Blue Zones” and those zones have one thing in common: whole foods. No processed foods in other words.

Simple things you can do to improve your diet is to ensure you eat foods cooked from scratch containing only whole foods and including a healthy variety of vegetables (really get the rainbow in there and remember your kales and cabbages!), as well as berries, beans and small amounts of fruit, nuts and seeds. Exchange refined grains for whole grains and white sugar for a combination of maple syrup, honey, ground dates, etc. When baking try using raw cane sugar, date sugar, maple sugar, stevia, coconut sugar, etc. so that you get a combination of things. Though in general, try to lessen your intake of sugar as it, amongst other things, negatively affects the production of collagen which is a protein needed to keep your skin elastic, as well as keep muscles and bones healthy.

Spices and herbs can also help your body in various ways, including fighting inflammation. Turmeric, for example, is a very strong anti-inflammatory and is often sold in combination with ginger to help people fight diseases caused by inflammation, such as arthritis. In other words, try to eat a healthy amount of spices every day and drink a combination of herbal teas!

There are a variety of supplements in the market today, some help, others don’t. It’s hard to tell exactly what supplements have the best long term effect. Fermented foods and probiotics seem to have something going for them, as do fish liver oil and vitamins, but remember that eating too high doses of vitamins can have a negative effect too. Supplements are there to supplement your healthy diet, not overtake it, so use supplements in limited amounts.

In short, when it comes to diet, try get a little bit of everything where the good stuff is concerned and stick to whole foods!


Hydration from clean water, foods naturally containing water (like vegetables), herbal teas, etc. is needed to keep your body and skin looking young.

Exercise and Blood Flow

There’s no avoiding it folks – exercise keeps you fit, which keeps you looking young. It also helps rid the body of toxins, which helps combat disease, and increases blood circulation, which in turns helps your skin staying young. Doing facial exercises can help your face remaining young too, by building muscles in the right places.

Other ways to rid yourself of toxins is through steams, saunas and hot tubs – you’ll sweat out the nasty stuff and increase blood circulation. Massage will also help eliminate toxins from your muscles, in a similar manner to exercise (though it’ll do little for your cardio and muscle tone!).

Likewise, exfoliation, going to hammans (applying a very oily soap to your body that makes your skin soft, after which you are scrubbed down), etc. will help blood flow to your skin and improve your skin tone.

If you want to stay young, exercise, saunas (or other hot pursuits), massages and exfoliation should all be part of your weekly or bi-weekly routine.

Natural Body Products

While a chemical laden shampoo might make your hair look nice in the short run, it does nothing for the build up of chemicals in your body. Be sure to use body products like shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, body lotions, etc. that make your hair and skin glow and which contain substances that are actually good for your body. This article is a good one if you want tips about what the products should contain to rejuvenate your skin. Remember that the skin is the body’s largest organ – if you put something on the skin its absorbed into your body. So you don’t really want toxins in your body products, because they’ll be absorbed by your body.


We need sunshine to create vitamin D for our body. We also need to be out and about to feel great. Try to spend some time outdoors every day and go for country walks, or beach walks (though avoid basking in the sun for too long), in the weekend. You need nature and sunlight to feel good. Unfortunately sunlight got a bad rep as people spent too much time in the sun, which resulted in disease and wrinkles, but some sunlight every day, is necessary for your health. Just don’t overdo it and keep to the shade as much as possible – you need very little direct sun exposure!

Also, red light therapy (not direct sunlight, though it does contain red light) will help heal skin and stimulate the production of collagen, which will make your skin look younger. This is why we offer it here at UltraBeauty.

Sleep and Anti-Stress

You will look and feel drained unless you honor your circadian rhythm. This is your inner biological clock that prompts you to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. If you keep changing the time you go to bed and wake up, sleep where there is a lot of light pollution, or sleep less hours than you need, you’ll suffer from a sort of permanent jet lag, which will do nothing for your beauty. That beauty sleep people talk about is true – you need sleep on regular hours for your body to remain healthy.

Stress brings on a variety of different diseases and wrinkles. Meditation, therapy and the aforementioned sleep and time in nature are all vital to bring down stress levels. The so- called Blue Zones, where the longest living people on the planet reside have more than whole foods in common. People there stress less. They are social. They partake in daily exercise as part of life (think gardening, walking to work, playing soccer and other games as a social activity, playing with kids, etc., as opposed to pumping it at the gym). Work is part of life, but not all of life. There is little stress surrounding money. And those folks live longer than the rest of us!

Avoid Toxins

Smoking, air pollution, chemicals…they’re neither good for your health, nor your beauty. If you want to look young, you do best staying away from them.


People often think beauty and skin reborn techniques involve mainly creams and supplements, but in truth, most of it stems from great health. And health isn’t just about what you eat, but also how you live your life. Start living a healthier life today and you’ll start looking younger!

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