Collagen Tanning

Deep and Long-lasting Tan by Ultra Beauty

If you want to get deep tanning and wanted to increase your vitamin D levels, but want to avoid the regular side effects associated with regular tanning, we invite you to try Ultra Beauty – it will rejuvenate your skin and leave you with a long-lasting and perfect looking tan!

We offer a revolutionary form of sunbed from Ultra Tan, the leading company that provides Collagen Red Light Technology from Sweden. Our machine produces both ultraviolet light and red light. The red light will help stimulate your skin to produce collagen, which helps regain its youthful look while reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark halos, cellulite spider veins, scars, and other skin problems. Ultraviolet light will enable your skin to create vitamin D and form a nice glowing tan.

Normal Tanning Machines Vs. Ultra Beauty Tanning Machines

Normal tanning machines only provide ultraviolet light that also can be found in rays of the sun. It is needed for the body to produce vitamin D, which in turn is needed for overall health and happiness. If your body doesn’t produce enough vitamin D this may result to suffer from psychological disorders such as depression and sleep difficulties.

The Collagen Tanning by Ultra Beauty tanning machines uses a new type of lamps that combines perfect deep tanning and vitamin D with effective collagen skincare. In Ultra Beauty, we have greatly improved the balance by lowering the UVA and increase the UVB level. By this, our clients will receive a better pigmentation with beautiful tan and smooth skin.

Is Collagen Tanning Safe?

There are no known side effects for our Collagen Tanning as long as you follow the recommended guidelines. However, a physician must be consulted prior to taking the treatment in case you suffer from sensitivity to light, take medication that may make you more prone to light sensitivity, suffer from cancer, have any skin conditions related to light sensitivity, are pregnant, or suffer from any other major health concern.


The mentioned prices are discounted for a limited period.

1 Session 3 Sessions 10 Sessions
AED99 AED249 AED699

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