Skin Reborn and Collagen

Timeless Therapy To Younger Look: Skin reborn and Collagen

Dr. Angehrn, Co-founder and president of the Swiss association for medical skin reborn and collagen and member of honour of the association of the healthy collagen metabolism-Ligeko, integrated together with the Swiss Health and Life extension Institute and the Day Spa, an approved and unique session concept in the field of medical skin reborn in the hospital.

Based on his long time experience in the field of skin reborn and as an expert for the observation of connective tissue and collagen, Dr. Angehrn conducted the treatment observation with the goal to inspect and document the results of the exposure with the Collagene Plus 10 light in the frame of Timeless Therapy.

Dr. Angehrn resumes the observations of the treatment with the following sentence: “There is definitely proof that the Collagen Plus 10 Light build up the collagen in the skin. This statement is based on the evaluation of the test person questionnaires and the test results measured with the ultrasound device Collagenoson ICU High Frequency Echo Sounder. Already after 10 sessions, 80% of the test persons have noticed an improvement of the collagen in the skin. After 20 sessions, The following skin reborn and collagen effects were confirmed: Vitalization of the skin, fortification, and tightening of the skin, the effect of lifting, reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, dark spots and improvement of the moisture level of the skin. Around 10 weeks an even more considerably improvement of the skin was found. 

Dr. Angehrn chose for the study 51 test persons, (50 women, 1 man), all light skin colour. The average age was 52 years, starting with the ages of 24 to 72. The test person was trained to operate the body exposure device themselves and the treatment was realized based on the scheme and treatment plan of the Timeless Therapy as a 10, 20, and 30 session treatment with 2-3 exposures per week, each for 20 minutes.

The most significant results were reached after 30 sessions, but one has to take into consideration that the achieved cosmetic results after 20 to 30 sessions were positively valued by the test person. The more sessions which were taken, the more significant the results of the skin properties were documented.



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